Subscription Plan Information

This page enables you to take out Membership at Escape Artists. Membership ensures that you receive the best possible deal when you book our meeting and training rooms and any resources associated with their usage. Not sure? Call 01803 297297 to discuss your requirements.

EAS FREE Membership Plan

This 90-day membership subscription is designed to provide you with the cheapest option for room and resourse rental here in Torbay. At just £9/ hr for room rental and 25% off resource rental including a per booking Tea & Coffee package, we feel confident that you will see the benefits of taking out a longer term membership subscription package in order to keep the great discounts we are offer you.

Duration: 90 days
Price: Free

About Terra Vitae

Terra Vitae is designed specifically to provide low cost creative space for meetings, training, workshops, anything in fact that you need to grow your business. Our low cost space adapts to support the needs, ambitions and goals of our clients and we work hard to make sure that you are happy with our services. Click here to view our Privacy Policy